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    FW: [RC] hay rack water tank - Roy Drinnan

    You can get the pumps at any RV store.  Good plumbing or farm store for the fittings.  The tank is a sprayer tank, white plastic, has been on several of my trucks over the last 8 to 10 years, no leaks, no cracks, no sun damage.  I have bent a couple of trailer corners on it, and one box front wall by turning to sharp, but the tank just pops back.
    On my bucket fill I have a grey water RV dump valve (1 1/4 inch) with sump pump hose attached.  I mounted it into my vented tailgate so it is fixed at the back of the truck, with a removable hose to extend it near the ground for control when filling buckets.  The pump has a garden hose attached for hosing the horses with a multi pattern nozzle and plugs into the trailer plug for power (battery charge circut).
    The truck/tank was a hit with quite a few people back at the ROC in PA.  I hosed a lot of hot riders and horsed at that ride, had a great time.  I have couple of pictures of the tank in some of my trucks in anyone would like to see the setup.  I can send them directly for anyone interested.
    I also carry a small gas powered pump (Honda) which pumps about 35-40 GPM to refill from any water source.
    In case anyone hasn't guessed.  I don't ride.  I crew.  I have travelled many miles without a horse to crew.  I love to crew, or work for ride management.
    Roy Drinnan
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    Hey, Roy, where did you get the 12v pump? And where can I find those quick disconnects and ball valves?


    On Tuesday, December 10, 2002, at 10:10 AM, Roy wrote:

    try a ZODI water heater, cheap neat and self contained, look at www.zodi.com
    For those who do not have a water heater in the trailer, this is a real option.   Also works well with the 100 gal in my truck.  In emergencies, I can provide hot water from the truck wherever required.
    I elect to carry the water on the truck, not the trailer.  Most hay racks are not built for that kind of weight. also I can go and refill the truck any time, without moving the trailer.  Primarily designed as a crew tank, but has a 12 volt demand pump for hosing horses or refilling the trailer tank, and a 1 1/4 ball valve for bucket fill.
    Roy Drinnan

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    I put two standard 35 gal. farm spray tanks on the top of my old stock trailer.  They worked great.  Because I am lazy I used 1 inch farm hose with farm quick disconnects, and ball valves.  I could fill my buckets much faster than at an ordinary garden hose cock.  For maximum ease put one valve at the tank and another at the end of the hose.  Easier when in camp than climbing up to turn on and off after each bucket.
    PS.  I also got a hand garden sprinkler head so I could run the hose into the trailer and use it as a shower.  Not bad on warm days when the sun warmed the water.  I never did get around to blackening the tank to make the water warm faster.
    Ed and Wendy Hauser
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