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    Re: [RC] Lord of the Rings - cathid

    > > Favorite movie scene?  Fellowship of the Ring where the ring wraiths are
    > > chasing the elvin princess who is carrying Frodo to Rivendale and must 
    > > the river to be safe... takes my breath away every time.  :)  But I'm not
    > > impressed with the shoeing jobs on those horses that the ring wraiths
    > > ride...they need a new smithie!  :)
    Liv Tyler who was Arawen doesn't like horses, so most her horse work was done 
    on a dummy or a quiet gelding. Her stunt double is a really nice girl who 
    brought the Andalusion stallion off the company after the filming was over, as 
    well as a Ring Wraith horse. The pursuit to the ford [in Tarras] was shot about 
    150km from the actual ford scene [in Arrowtown], and they did several walk 
    thrus to get it right before doing it at full speed.... it also involved going 
    out and filling in the rabbit holes each day before shooting so the horses 
    wouldn't break legs. 
    Lots of the other actors did their own riding.... Orlando Bloom [Legolas the 
    elf] broke a couple of ribs in a fall, during one of the galloping scenes. They 
    spent quite a bit of time on horse makeup..... to get the icky shoeing effect 
    etc. I'm looking forward to the second one, as I should be able to recognise 
    some of the extra riders and
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