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    Re: [RC] one more Actor who could ride - Sullivan

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    From: "Tara Wheeler" <harpy@xxxxxx>
    > BTW, I can't wait to see Shadowfax!!
    My daughter is really obsessing over the fact that the movie Shadowfax is
    white, according to the previews. The REAL Shadowfax is supposed to be a
    silvery GREY!
    Well, I was really really pissed at the Spirit movie, and how the darn
    horses had human eyes.  Plus all the other stupid non-horsey behaviors.  My
    husband claims that since I gave up computer animation in the late 80's (to
    have kids and horses), that i have no right to b%#*%h about it...he says I
    could have been the one modeling the horses.
    However, my daughter and I did love the scenes in Into the West, where the
    boys take the horse up into their apartment and movie theatre. And those
    little boys sure could ride!
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    Re: [RC] one more Actor who could ride, Tara Wheeler