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    Re: [RC] one more Actor who could ride - Tara Wheeler

    on 12/10/02 7:40 AM, Ridecamp Digest at ridecamp-digest@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    > Favorite movie scene?  Fellowship of the Ring where the ring wraiths are
    > chasing the elvin princess who is carrying Frodo to Rivendale and must reach
    > the river to be safe... takes my breath away every time.  :)  But I'm not
    > impressed with the shoeing jobs on those horses that the ring wraiths
    > ride...they need a new smithie!  :)
    > Maggie
    Oh, my husband won't let me watch that scene on the DVD anymore.  :) I think
    I embarrassed him on the movie's opening night.  We went with about twenty
    friends and it was quite a lively audience with much audience participation.
    When they got to the race to the river with Frodo, I was screaming for that
    twit to let the horse have it's head!!  The rider was holding back the grey
    so the black horses could keep up with it!!
    I know, I know, it's only a movie and it's only to make the movie more
    interesting.  But if the other yahoos could yell and scream over little plot
    points, I'm reserving the right to yell about the horses.  :)
    BTW, I can't wait to see Shadowfax!!
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