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    [RC] Happy Holidays! - Typef

    I just wanted to wish all my fellow RideCampers a very Happy Holiday Season and thanks to everyone for sharing the ride stories and helpful hints with us all. I've come find this a (usually) most enjoyable place to visit.
    I've attached a link to my Christmas card cover for this year which is a MC-Cam shot (kinda like a Weaver Cam) of Pardee Reservoir about 45 minutes from my home in Valley Springs, CA. It is one of our favorite places to condition. The non-horse people on my Christmas Card list are going to say "Oh no, not another HORSE picture ..." (You should see the back of the card, 5 pictures of horses and only 2 pictures of Hawaii and Palm Springs. Hmmm ... wonder what's more important in MY life??)
    Here's the front of the card:
    :) Jackie and MC, The Mighty Steed (or TMS as my Canadian friend likes to call her)