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    [RC] IntNewsGroup: Attention Prospective Nominees - PAC Criteria - Lori & Rick Stewart

    Title: RE: PAC Criteria



    For riders interested in nominating to ride for your FEI PAC Zone Team:


    For the 2003 competition year the FEI has granted the United States a passport waiver for FEI rides in the U.S.  Passports will not be required, however the following items still must be completed:


    Influenza Vaccination Requirement:


    All FEI horses must have documentation of an initial series of two influenza vaccinations given not less that 21 days and not more than 92 days apart, followed by documented boosters given at least within every 12 months following the 2nd shot of the initial series, and more frequently if specified by the manufacturer.  THE INITIAL SERIES MUST BE GIVEN BY INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION.  Intranasal vaccines are not acceptable for the initial series, but may be used for the boosters.  Influenza vaccinations may not be administered within 7 days of an FEI competition or within 7 days of entry onto FEI competition grounds.  The vaccination history must be signed and stamped by a licensed veterinarian certifying that the horse's vaccination status is in accordance with the specifications outlined above.  If there is a lapse in documentation, for example, a late booster or no record of the initial series, the horse must be re-administered the initial series and any subsequent boosters in order to be in compliance.


    Horse Identification Requirement:


    All horses competing in an FEI event must have some form of identification.  Often a coggins report has been used, but please be sure the veterinarian completes the horse description in great detail.  A horse identification form similar to the one used for passports may be obtained at no charge from USA Equestrian by contacting the Endurance Liaison.  This form outlines all the details of the horse that should be noted for accurate identification.


    Horse Recording:


    The horse must also be recorded with the National Federation, USA Equestrian, in order to compete in an FEI ride.


    If you have any questions please contact the Endurance Liaison for USA Equestrian at (859) 258-2472.



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