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    Re: [RC] great 100 milers & dreams... - DVeritas

    In a message dated 12/10/02 12:49:46 PM Mountain Standard Time, ccollins@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    On a 100 miler last year Frank S. and I were caught in a
    truly terrible lightening storm and flood that washed out the trail
    completely and stranded us in a sea of slippery mud and raging streams...a
    true nightmare.

        As I was riding my 16.1hh arabian gelding, Cindy remarked, "Why are you laying on his neck like that, Frank?"...as I tried to get smaller and smaller.  Lightening was striking on all sides and there truly was no cover.  (Cindy got "smaller", too.) :^)
        AND, you forgot about the rattlesnake that darn near got me when I was off my horse trying to walk in the bentonite!
        Ah, what grand memories....riding with Cindy is ALWAYS an adventure.
        I recommend it to everyone...and anyone who wants the miles to fade away in great conversation and her soothing Louisiana singing-style!
       (sorry, Cindy, couldn't resist...)