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    Re: [RC] was actors who ride; now ranch Arabs - Barbara McCrary

    There was a great article, many years ago, about Ruth Waltenspiel and a
    horse named Kandar that she bought from one of our neighbors, who couldn't
    handle him.  She worked with him a lot, turned him into a National Champion
    NATRC horse, and stated in the article that Ron used him to carry wild pigs
    he had shot.  His QH used to freak out over the pigs, she said, but Kandar
    appeared totally unconcerned.  My sister-in-law once stood on the saddle of
    her horse and cut overhead branches with her chainsaw.  Don't remember what
    kind of horse it was; it wasn't an Arab.  Some Arabs are really bomb-proof,
    some will spook at a patch of light on the ground.  It's been so long since
    I've had one of the bomb-proof type........
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    > >    I'll NEVER forget the photo of a young Ted
    > > Jeary, standing on Kosciusko's back, while fixing something on a
    > > It was in an Arabian Horse World magazine honoring him as one of the
    > > legendary Arab breeders.
    > Reminds me of the old-timer (I think he just died, and I'm having a
    > "some-timers" moment, because I can't remember his name--Maria?? can you
    > help??) from the Midwest who did trail courses bridle-less, over popping
    > balloons in a rocker bridge and past chain saws.  And I'll never forget my
    > husband carrying a chain saw out with him on the saddle, while riding my
    > stallion Abu Ben Surrabu ("Junior") and starting the darn thing up while
    > the saddle, and proceeding to saw an overhead limb that he couln't reach
    > from the ground.  We've also packed several of our Arabs, mostly salt to
    > range cows or trail clearing equipment, but including packing a humongous
    > buck deer on Junior, on a riding saddle, rack and all....  Gotta love 'em.
    > Heidi
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