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    Re: [RC] Trailer Emergency Kit - Susan Garlinghouse

    Can I suggestion another addition to those already mentioned?  A couple of
    pieces of 2 x 4, one long enough to go from the ground to above the horse's
    elbow and another from the ground to just below the elbow, all to use as a
    temporary splint in case of a fracture on the road.  Also a good four or
    five rolls of rolled cotton and a bunch of vet wrap.
    The reason I mention temporary splints is because you wouldn't believe the
    numbers of horses we get into CSU with fractures or bad leg injuries
    incurred on the road or out in the back country and bringing them directly
    into the VTH was the best they could do.  More than a few would have
    survived or done much better had the leg been wrapped and stabilized before
    Susan G
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