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    [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Karen J. Zelinsky

    And then there's Robin  Quivers - Howard Stern's sidekick - I wished an
    "unknown-to-me" black woman good luck going into the ring at a Quentin,
    PA hunter-jumper show a coupla years ago - and then a week later heard
    Stern on the radio mentioning ... "HORSE MASSAGE!" in a long, drawn-out,
    exclamational way!  I have a feeling he pictured doing a "quickie" on me
    on his show - eeekk!  Now, I do not KNOW if Robin Quivers is a good rider
    - she was with a NJ show stable......  and I hear that Shatner is quite a
    character with horses -- saddlebreds -- whatever that means -- ???
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