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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride--Some Endurance Relevance - Fandango Ranch

    <<you could go down there
    and rent a horse, ride over this rickety
    white wooden bridge across the LA riverbed
    and be in the miles and miles of wonderful
    Santa Monica Mtn foothill bridle trails that ran
    throughout Griffith Park.>>
    You still can!  It's this really narrow, rickety suspension bridge
    that my 3YO RMH just walked right across the very first time! I was
    scared *&^%($#@@, but she took a step on, looked at it (didn't even
    snort when it moved under her feet) and walked across!
    The riding on the other side is fun, but when you look down an all
    those Hollywood Hills *homes* (and I use that term loosely since
    they're mini-mansions) I get frustrated that I'm horse-poor!
    Mary Dudley, LVT
    Fandango Ranch
    Registered Rocky Mountain & Icelandic Horses
    Authorized dealer of *Omega Horseshine*
    Lowest prices in Southern California-GUARANTEED!
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    [RC] Actors Who Can Ride--Some Endurance Relevance, Linda B. Merims