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    [RC] Actors Who Can Ride--Some Endurance Relevance - Linda B. Merims

    Kate Capshaw ("Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom," "The
    Love Letter," etc.) rides.
    Far more relevant to trail riding, if not endurance,
    is that Capshaw and her husband Steven Spielberg
    put up $25,000,000 to save the last horse boarding
    establishment in Burbank that borders the huge
    Griffith Park at the eastern end of the Santa Monica
    Mountains in LA.
    There used to be a lot of boarding/rental stables
    in Burbank along the concrete bed of the Los Angeles
    River.  It was a run-down industrial district and
    the land was comparatively cheap.
    As late as the 1970's, you could go down there
    and rent a horse, ride over this rickety
    white wooden bridge across the LA riverbed
    and be in the miles and miles of wonderful
    Santa Monica Mtn foothill bridle trails that ran
    throughout Griffith Park.
    The rental barns were folding steadily throughout
    the '70s while I attended UCLA.  You'd hear
    about the auctions of stock and equipment.
    Sometime after I left LA, the "Los Angeles Equestrian
    Center" was founded along this same strip of land
    in Burbank.  I don't know much about
    it, only that shows were held there and stars
    like Shatner would fund "bring disadvantaged
    kids to meet the horses" events at the center.
    I don't know whether the access into the Griffith
    Park trails were maintained.
    A few months ago I saw a crawly on CNN to
    the effect that Capshaw and Spielberg had
    paid $25 million to save the LA Equestrian
    Center.  I don't know any more than that.
    Now if we could only get a high-visibility star
    to help back endurance and trails preservation,
    either as a spokesperson or financially.
    I STILL think AERC should get in touch with Disney
    and try to work out some kind of combined
    promotion for the release of _Hidalgo_.
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA