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Re: Re: Intranasal Vaccines

Maggie is correct about not giving the intranasal strangles at the same time as administering injectables.  The company even warns about this--the intranasal is a live bacterial vaccine, and since it is given up the nose, the first thing that the horse does often times is sneeze.  This sprays the bacteria all over his neck and chest, so that if injections are then given, they will take the bacteria into the muscle with the needle.  If you absolutely HAVE to give injections at the same time, give them PRIOR to administering the intranasal vaccine, NOT afterwards!
The reaction rate is still much lower for the intranasal than it is for the injectable strangles vaccines, and the efficacy rate is higher.  All I can say to the posters who claim that the vaccine is worse than the disease--you have NOT lived through multiple outbreaks of the disease.  I would not administer ANY vaccine unless there was some risk of getting the disease--but if a risk of strangles is present, I'd give the intranasal vaccine over the injectable vaccine ANY time.  Perhaps I've been lucky, but I've administered about a thousand doses of the intranasal, with nary a reaction.  Nonetheless, my own herd that is relatively isolated does not get vaccinated for it.  The only ones we do are the ones who travel off the place.
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Keep in mind that strangles is only about 60% effective (last time I asked anyway) and it has the potential to GIVE your horse strangles.  They actually suffer a mild case of it which is what gives immunity.  Some can get full blown cases.  That can put your horse out of commission for awhile!  Also.....NEVER, EVER give the intranasal vaccine and ANY injection for any reason at the same of our clients gave the intranasals and booster shots all in one day.  Every last yearling (22 of them) ended up with a HUGE abcess at the site of the injection....somehow it was introduced through the needle...whether they got in on their hands or what, I don't know but we have been warned to never do both on the same day.  We don't do strangles so other than the above, I am absolutely no help to you whatsoever!  :)

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