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    [RC] Show horse make up - Maureen A. Fager

    "Anyone catch the spacey look on Newton's stallion? I keep praying that look will go out of fashion - the wet-suit look."

    Several years ago I got a call from my attorney brother asking about what type of chemicals might be used around a horse, for a court case of his. I told him about dewormers, fly sprays and shampoos, but when I got into the eyemake up, muzzle gloss, hoof polish ect., for show horses, he had to call his wife to the phone (who has touched a horse once in her life-one of mine of course:) They could not believe that horses have to put up with this type of crap in the show world and it really floored them. In the Wanye Newton photo, not only did the horse have eye make up, but the inside of the ears have been made up, and of the course the muzzle had gloss. Lots of hair spray and other stuff I'm sure.

    Gross aint it?

    Reno, NV

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