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    Re: [RC] The "Rest of the Story" - Laurie Durgin

    I was wondering too, especially after  I read Dustin' s thanking Howard in his message. Heck if the kid likes him, who wouldn't, I always trust kids and animals opinions. Rascals mom,( who will get off ridecamp today and go ride at  50 degrees!!!!!! yeah, no rain and wind and  30's. (those of you who live in sub freezing need not reply. we get spoiled here, but this change from spring time to winter on a weekly basis gets  to you. Sort of like up, down, up down, we never get to adjust.whine , whine, whine.  Course all the 4 wheelers and dirt bikers and hunters will be out too. :0)
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    I was hoping that we would have the rest of Howard's great ride story by now but it's beginning to look like it's not going to happen.  Too bad.  I was enjoying the parts.  Maybe the ladies who object to his stories so much could write something as entertaining for the rest of us readers to enjoy.

    Kathleen & Sabrina

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