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    [RC] FW: Encountering people in Death Valley - Maryanne Stroud Gabbani

     After some consultations with Jackie, kat, and a few other people, my
    daughter and I decided that when my sister leaves Ojai for Chicago on
    the 29th, we are going to hop in our trusty rentacar and zip off to
    Panamint to catch the last couple of days of the DVE. I figure that if
    we crew, ride or do whatever, it will definitely be the most interesting
    New Year's Eve party I've been to in ages. Jackie and kat are seeing
    about finding a horse for me for LD or drag riding. If Trilby is there,
    it would be an honour to come in behind her. 
    I look like a hundred other plump 54 yr olds with short greying hair,
    but my daughter should be easier to spot. Yasmine is 19, about 5'4", and
    has loooong very curly auburn hair.. Actually there are pictures of us
    on the website even if they are a couple of years old and my hair is a
    lot more grey.
    Looking forward to meeting people I've been talking to for so long.
    Maryanne Stroud Gabbani
    Cairo, Egypt
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