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    Re: [RC] Actor Who Can Ride - Bonnie Davis

    Was disappointed in the movie 'Bronc Billy'  -- I thought it would be based on the life of Bronco Billie Anderson one of the first western cowboy stars like William S. Hart.  Anderson got his cowboy start over here in Niles, California (district of Fremont) with Charlie Chaplin.  That's before the majority of all you guys' time.....
    Bonnie Davis
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      The horse was all foamy (shaving cream) in places horses do not foam, i.e. on his haunches (not between the legs and at other friction points), and he was perfectly dry under the saddle blanket!  I burst out in a howl of laughter, right there in the theatre.  Everyone turned around to see this dreadfully unfeeling woman who was laughing at the dying horse. 
    Barbara McCrary

    Reminds me of the movie Bronco Billy with Clint Eastwood.  We happened to personally know Alan Cartwright, the stunt man, and it was SO obvious to us every time Alan was on screen.  We kept saying, "There's Alan, there's Alan."  Everyone seated near us finally moved away!


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