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    Re: [RC] Arab head tossing - Laurie Durgin

         But that can be very entertaining!  We are never bored! (murderous, but not bored).  :0}  Laurie and Rascal ,the polish/crabbet shortbacked, Honey the 1/2;arab (32/34's) pinto bs, Scout the half/arab, half  appendix QH, 15.1, 18 mos. old red dun (with ;yes ,a flaxen mane growing in!)
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    This thread just jumped out at me, screaming for a real smart aleck

    The problem with Arabians is that they have so MANY "things".

    Yea Quarterhorses!!!!!

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Tori and Taffy, the biggest, baddest bitch in the barn.

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