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    Re: [RC] [RC] head flipping - Mike & Kathy Kelly

    I agree that if the horse just does it in certain situations (ie going downhill, etc) to look for a source of discomfort.
    My arab Gabriel has always head-flipped.  I've had him for 3 yrs and am still trying to figure out why he does it.  He can be out in the pasture and I see him do it.  Some rides he does, some rides he doesn't (often he doesn't when he's really relaxed or when he's really focused like at an endurance ride).  He seems to do it the most when I'm leading him off the property to go for a ride (leaving his buddies) or as I lead him in when we're done (I'm not going fast enough).  It seems to be an attitude thing alot of the time, when he's letting me know he isn't completely happy with something.
    He is a really good about trying to communicate with me, so I try to always figure out what he's trying to say.  But the head-flipping is the hardest for me since it happens so frequently and in many situations.
    Kathy & Gabriel

    [RC] re horses' legs and attitude (head flipping), Karen Bratcher