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    [RC] [Guest] horses legs and attitude - Ridecamp Guest

    patti gene@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    OK. I have a 5 1/2 year old mare, she had alot of the summer off due to poor
    saddle fit. I now have a bob marshall and it seems to fit well. I have
    started riding the past 6 weeks and am working on building her up again. The
    first thing I noticed was when we went down hill she would flip her head.
    Kinda like a twist and flip, not rooting, she will do this with a very loose
    rein. She does it more on harder dirt or after an hour or so it will start
    and she will do it more and more. I was concerned it may be her heals
    hurting going down hill so I had her shod, she is usually bare foot. This is
    the third time in her life she has had shoes on. Had her shod monday, rode
    Tuesday and she still did it. I asked her to trot, she flipped her head and
    also at the canter. Today I noticed her fetlock was puffy and I thought a
    little warm. Took her to the vet, he said the puffy was only wind puffs and
    that any horse being worked will get them. He then told me the flipping is
    an Arab thing. I don't know alot about wind puffs so I am looking for info.
    And as far as the Arab thing, I don't buy it.
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