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    Re: [RC] tecopa ride... - Lynne Glazer


    It's kind of a shame that you chose to impugn the integrity of other ride mgrs with that statement. Maybe too many hours in the hot springs has addled your word choices.

    Good luck with your ride. I'd come help, but will be in the Tucson area training the local RP rep in how to fit.

    Bar H Boogie (PS) 3/1/03
    Norco Riverdance 1998-2002

    On Wednesday, December 4, 2002, at 07:58 PM, steve shaw wrote:

    rocky, more than I thought, but you all have to support this, as it will
    be better next year......Hot Springs are TOOOOOO Great.... It will be
    only 50 miles, but an honest 50 miles. Not like the 42 milers of many,
    or most other rides....
    I believe in 50 miles being 50 miles..... ste3ve

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    [RC] tecopa ride..., steve shaw