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    [RC] Personal alerts for ride postings - Michael Maul

    Russ and I have had a bug in the s/w for sometime that affected the personal
    alerts for changes in ride info and when ride results are posted.
    We believe we've fixed it and if you subscribe to the ride info alerts at your members
    page - you will be seeing some appear today.
    Some of them may be very old - back to 1995.  Just ignore these and after the queue cleans 
    out - the system will provide recent and future alerts.
    These alerts can let you know if information has changed on the calendar, when ride results
    go online, and when a ride appears in your selected regions for the next year.
    You can select these from the Personal Notificatons of your AERC members page.  If you haven't
    signed up - then go to 
    and sign up.
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