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    Re: [RC] Horse Transportation - Bonnie Davis

    Hi Heidi:
    I can recommend Horse Heaven (www.horseheaven.net) up in Idaho.   They haul horses all over the US and can often pick up here and delivery it there.  In other words, they may be able to pick up your horses and haul it to Az. because they drop a horse in your area and need to fill slot. 
    They've hauled 4 horses for me and all the horses came out of the trailer as good looking as they went in.  Each horse has water and feed all the time, trop equipment, and two drivers. They stop and unload horses at selected sites so horses aren't in the trailer 'all the time'.  Plus their price was right!!

    Bonnie Davis
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    Subject: [RC] Horse Transportation

    Hi, I will be moving from the central coast of Ca. to Az at the end of this month and was wondering if any of you could reccommend a good horse transportation company to haul my one horse.  Thanks for your help.

    [RC] Horse Transportation, Heidi Christensen