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  • - Linda B. Merims

    RE: [RC] [RC] ? Competing Bareback - AprJhn

    Time for this discussion again already?
    It's not against the AERC rules. I've done my 2 LDs bareback (3 years back). I don't recommend legs to jeans to horse, though. Rubbed my skin off. Ouch. Wearing pantyhose underneath the jeans helped, though. Unless the ride management places a rule against it, bareback is allowed. (Unless I missed something?)
    I now train my youger Arab in a saddle, though. (I do ride my 13 yo bareback occasionally during training rides.) Not all horses are built for bareback riding. ;)
    Nashville, TN
    "sindy mccosker" <sindymccosker@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    >I am sitting here looking at The Arabian Horse News dated Oct. 1972. There 
    >is an article about the Canadian River Endurance Ride in TX. ?The winner was 
    >Mark Mayo on Zachieus, and unreg. purebred Arabian gelding. Mark rode the 
    >entire ride bareback, not even a pad, just jeans to horse! I am just curious 
    >when did the AERC decide that competing bareback wasn't allowed?
    >It is really fun reading these old Arabian magazines, thanks Char!
    >Sindy McCosker
    >Newcastle, CA (The Gem of the Foothills)
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