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    [RC] Old Macs *Required* Foot Gear? - Linda B. Merims

    Jennifer Judkins said:
    >First topic:  I used a pair of Old Mac boots for the first
    >real ride (in front only).  I don't know if anyone has used
    >them, but I liked them.  Manny seemed quite comfortable
    >in them.  They wore well and no rub spots on my horse
    >( I wrapped some vetwrap loosely around bulb under boot
    >to help with this).  Anyone have a different experience
    >with them?
    The Old Mac people had a booth at the recent 2002
    National Trails Symposium in Orlando, Florida.  This
    is a once-every-two-year conference where all the different
    trail using groups (hiker, bicycle, mountain bike,
    horse, ORV, disabilities, etc.) and trails planning and
    management professionals get together to talk about
    the state of the trails industry.
    Now, as anybody who has had the misfortune of running
    into a land/trail manager who dislikes horses knows,
    one of the first reasons that they will give you for
    forbidding you on "their" trail is:  "The horses tear
    the trail up too much."
    The Old Mac people manning the booth at the
    Symposium told me that they had gotten a fair bit
    of interest from trail managers who saw Old Macs
    and immediately thought "Wouldn't it be great if
    all horses were required to wear these when using
    our trails!"  Evidently, they saw them as "horse
    sneakers" that would have less impact on their
    trails than "hob-nail boot steel horseshoes."
    I don't know of any land manager who has actually
    promulgated such a rule, but it is something to keep
    in the back of one's mind.
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA
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