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    [RC] Club hoof surgery and soundness afterwards - Lori Bertolucci

    Hi all. I am in the process of getting my new horse ready for his first endurance ride come spring. He was a rescue from Minn. Thanks Lynne Tomovick and Linda (sorry Linda I 'm not sure of your last name) for rescuing this great horse!  Gambler had clubfoot surgery (both front feet) when he was 2, and hasn't shown any problems with his tendons, tho' they are thicker than normal. I am wondering, other than long slow miles to help the bone and tendons develope to his training, is there anything else that will help protect him? Like splint boots or leg wraps. Or can these cause more problems than help? This horse is remarkable and well worth the time and effort spent to get him ready. Just goes to show that to take a chance on a recue horse is sometimes worth it.
    If it hadn't been for Linda and Lynne, this horse would have starved to death at the trainers. By the time I got him he had some weight gain, but still was a major bag of bones. He now has all his weight back on, and one of the smartest horses I have ever owned, but he definitely does have some tying issues and those tendons will need extra care. Hey, Bonnie, can you tell me how to teach a horse to ground tie?
    Would appreciate any help with this issue of the tendons.
    Lori B.