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    Re: [RC] Old Mac Boots, skito pads and cold feet - Laurie Durgin

    Go to Home Depot or Walmart, sporting goods, get "warm hands , warm toes. Little bitty inserts, you put in your gloves or boots , alot of construction workers, hunters use them. My daughter and her trainer used to use them , particularly when hunting.   Laurie  (whose nice 70's turned to 40's with wind,  and needs to get on with it and put on her longjohns, polar- fleece suit, earmuffs under helmet and just go  ride !    bbrrrrrrrrrrr  (hurry before it starts raining again !  Rascal  woodstove loving mom.
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    Subject: [RC] Old Mac Boots, skito pads and cold feet

    Had a really great training ride today here in the northeast.  Very damp, cold and blustery, but since we have not been out in a week (adjusting to bare feet), I thought I was in heaven.  We did 25 miles over fairly rocky sometimes ice covered trail at slow to mod speed. 

    First topic:  I used a pair of Old Mac boots for the first real ride (in front only).  I don't know if anyone has used them, but I liked them.  Manny seemed quite comfortable in them.  They wore well and no rub spots on my horse ( I wrapped some vetwrap loosely around bulb under boot to help with this).  Anyone have a different experience with them?

    Second Topic:  I have been riding in a Skito pad for a couple of months now.  I've noticed the foam insert holds quite alot of heat, which is great in the winter, but I wonder about using it in warm weather.  Anyone use them in the heat? Any problem with heat build up?

    Third Topic:  I meant to go 35 miles today, but my damn toes get soooo cold!  Any hints on how to keep your feet warm in 28 degree weather?  I ride with plastic EZ ride stirrups, winter Ariats and wool socks.  Any help would be appreciated!


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