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    Re: [RC] English boots v. paddocks and half-chaps - Vicki Austin

    The most comfortable tall english riding boots that I
    have found are the Effington Schooler Boot from State
    Line Tack.  They are soft and squishy leather and have
    a zipper up the front of the leg.  They are  $279.90. 
    They are much more comfortable than boots and chaps,
    and although I have ridden in them for longdistance, I
    prefer only paddock boots when I ride for
    longdistance, no chaps and I use the tall boots only
    for my dressage training and shows.
    Vicki Austin
    --- Lysane Cree <lysanec@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
    > English boots vs.paddocks and half-chaps  - anyone
    > care to share an opinion on this subject? I have a
    > pair of winter riding boots that are tall, English
    > style and I really like them. They are comfortable
    > and I like the way they look. But I'm wondering
    > about summer time - would a pair of English style
    > tall leather boots be as comfortable as a pair of
    > paddocks and half-chaps???? Any thoughts? It seems
    > that in terms of price, either set up is comparable,
    > I'm wondering about comfort on long rides.
    > Lysane
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    [RC] English boots v. paddocks and half-chaps, Lysane Cree