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    Re: [RC] half chaps - C. Eyler

    Some manufacturers do make them shorter than usual, but the stores never have them in stock.  Mine are from Grand Prix.  Had to wait a while to get them, but it was worth it.  My left calf is a full inch larger than the right, so I need the kind with elastic incorporated into the length of the half-chap in order to get a good fit.
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    Subject: [RC] half chaps

    Well I tried searching the archives and came up with over 350 emails! 
    EEEEK!  With my slow computer that would take me all day.  I did search
    some, but with no luck.  Didn't someone on this list either post a pattern
    or post where you can buy a pattern for half chaps?  I'm a very odd size so
    the commercial ones do not fit.  I have short legs with fat calves.  So I
    thought I would try my hand at making some.  If anyone has a pattern they
    could send to me....or where I could buy a pattern I would appreciate it.

    [RC] half chaps, ALISON MUELLER