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    [RC] Bits - Carolyn Burgess


    I will probably get alot of flack on this, but I think a pelham is way to harsh to use for trail riding. I won't ride on the trails with anything stronger than a full cheek snaffle. My personal favorite is a d-ring snaffle if I have to use a bit, but I really prefer a sidepull (bitless). I currently ride my endurance horse in a d-ring snaffle because he wasn't collecting in the sidepull and really needed to work collected.

    If I ever felt that a horse needed a stronger bit for control, we would go back to the ring and retrain to get a better response with less bit. I think that if you need the bit to stop the horse, either you or the horse (usually the rider) needs retraining.

    A pelham is a wonderful bit in the right hands for certain disciplines, trail riding, IMO, is not one of those.

    Carolyn Burgess

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