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    Re: [RC] Highlines (another thought) - Truman Prevatt

    Many forest will not let you tie directly to trees. Many that do will require the rope not be in direct contact with the tree. This is where carrying a piece of old carpet to put between the tree and rope is a good idea. While high lines are not a bad idea (I always have a backup highline in the trailer), you have to be somewhere where they can be attached to a tree and they still need to be blocked from the path of potential loose horses. Two horses tangled up in the lead coming from a highline can be very dangerous for the critters involved - not to mention the humans that have to untangle them.


    Lucy Chaplin Trumbull wrote:

    I said:
    > ....poke it up into the tree with my manure fork.
    > Using the manure fork, I can usually get it up 8'
    > high or so.

    I forgot to say, if you can find a tree with a lil'
    branch (even just a stub) sticking out the side, up
    high, those work well - loop the rope over that, to
    stop it sliding downwards.

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    [RC] Highlines (another thought), Lucy Chaplin Trumbull