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    [RC] soap opera - Larry Miller

    Bottom line.  Do what you are comfortable doing about tying your horse or
    using electric fences, highlines, or picket.   What works for one horse will
    not work for another.  Be smart about it and attempt to keep your horse as
    safe as possible.  There is nothing wrong about using any one of these
    methods.  I use highline and electric fence.  When using the electric fence,
    I try to have my mare off by herself.  BUT, I am lucky.  My mare doesn't
    panic and tends to stay put since she is ruled by her stomach.  Murphy's law
    abounds with gusto when dealing with horses.  If a horse is going to get
    into trouble, it will no matter what one does.  That is why most of us don't
    sleep well at nights at a ride, why we check on our horses constantly, and
    as Laura says, keep a flashlight handy.  wouldn't hurt to keep a knife handy
    to cut a line either.  Jeanie who has had horses do weird things on
    highlines as well as in electric fences
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