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    Re: [RC] electric fences - Heidi Smith

    > Again, it's the individuals "judgement". I will do whatever I feel is
    > appropriate to protect my horses. I like my corral...have used them for
    > many years. I just take measures to "protect" my corral and I train my
    > horses. If I don't feel comfortable with the corral, I tie to the
    > trailer. My horses come first...but "shit happens"...no matter what you
    > do. I will err on the side of the horse, of course...but everything is a
    > "judgement" call. I've seen horses injured in ALL of the restraint
    > procedures described on Ridecamp.
    While it is true that "shit happens" no matter what, at least when tied,
    I've yet to have someone ELSE's horse come by and destroy my horse's means
    of confinement.  I can train MY horse to whatever method I choose, be it
    corral or tie, but I CANNOT train everyone else's horse to leave my horse's
    environment alone.
    > Another reason I like the corral...
    > Horses are most comfortable in familiar surroundings and following a
    > familiar routine.  For example, if they become accustomed to being fed
    > at the same time every day, they may become fretful and agitated when
    > this doesn't happen.  Participating in Endurance not only stresses the
    > horse physically, but requires him to deal with unfamiliar surroundings
    > and a dramatic change in his normal routine at the same time.
    > My horses are used to having access to their stalls to go and come as
    > they please and are out most of the time. They are NEVER tied up for
    > long periods of time.
    I would submit that this is one more thing that is under your control at
    home, and for which you CAN and SHOULD train them, prior to going to rides.
    Our horses spend time tied to the trailer at home, so that when they get to
    a ride, this is a familiar and secure situation.  When we haul out to
    condition, if our horses get loose, they tend to go back to the trailer, if
    they go anywhere at all, simply because this IS their familiar spot.  Just
    one more thing to consider in prepping your horse for rides...
    I'm not against having corrals (panel or electric) at rides--but am saying
    that as a ride vet, I've seen as much or more damage inflicted from such
    things as from riding.  And while accidents DO happen to horses tied at
    rides, they are few and far between, by comparison.  Hence, I shudder to see
    horses left alone in their enclosures, but prefer to see them used when
    their owners/riders are right there to supervise.
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