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    Re: [RC] [Guest] Abetta Saddles - FASTGraphic

    In a message dated 11/21/2002 4:28:40 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
    ridecamp-moderator@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    << I was just wondering if anyone here has experience with Abetta saddles, 
     if so did they find them ok?  I'm thinking about ordering one of the 
     'Arabian Endurance' models for my horse. >>
    My wife and I both ride Big Horn Endurance saddles, but we recently purchased 
    a used Abetta - the model you are asking about - for our kids and their 
    Arabian mare.  It seems to be well made and a good saddle, at least for their 
    little 50 to 65 pound weights.  I am not sure if it is well built enough to 
    wear well with more use and weight than they are giving it though.  Probably 
    a good saddle for the money, but I'd go for the similar but better made Big 
    Horn if you are going to be doing a lot of riding.  Was that convoluted 
    enough?  :o)
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