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    RE: [RC] Top Riders Saddles & Pads - Roy Drinnan

    I don't think we are fair game from an organization such as yours.
    I had almost forgotten the long fight I had with you people over
    subscription issues a few years back.  We struggled for months to get your
    magazine's screw ups straightened out and the found absolutely no
    reliability in the delivery of the product.
    I would like to add that my attendance at the ROC in PA, was both the most
    fun I had at a ride, and the most aggravated I have ever been at a ride.
    Your association with Susan explains, to me, the problem with your magazine.
    I would appreciate your organizations cooperation in not ever contacting us
    again on a business level.
    My first suspicion is that I would spend the money, and the publication
    would either never appear, or not be what was promised.  A pattern your
    organization has shown me more that once.
    I am publishing this response to ridecamp since your solicitation was born
    from ridecamp.  I suspect that there will be many whom do not share my
    opinion, but I do have the facts to back my claims up.
    Roy Drinnan
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    From: Pete and Debbie LaBerge [mailto:plaberge@xxxxxxxx]
    Sent: November 20, 2002 6:40 PM
    To: Roy Drinnan
    Subject: Re: [RC] Top Riders Saddles & Pads
    Hi Roy,
    Guess you are fair game since you posted an ad type response on
    Trail Blazer has a new issue coming up in January.
    The Ultimate Trail Rider Resource.
    Really coming together as a book to introduce riders to trail sports
    (end., ctr, ride and tie, field trials, mounted orienteer for eg) with
    tentative schedules for 2003 and contact info.
    And more...
    It includes a directory of companies by category, such as saddles. A
    basic listing is only $75.
    It goes out Jan. and we are printing 25,000 copies.
    You can learn more and sign up by visiting www.horsetrails.com
    You can sign up right on the site for the basic listing.
    If you want a bigger display ad....then I can help you!
    Debbie LaBerge/Trail Blazer
    Roy Drinnan wrote:
    > AS others have stated, if you are really interested in a saddle, contact
    > and I think we can arrange a trial of a saddle.
    > Roy Drinnan
    > www.endurancetack.ca
    > Orthoflex Saddle Dealer
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