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    [RC] sun protection - Debra Ager

    This is in response to the following post:
    "The vet warned that the pink snip could turn cancerous with repeated sunburns over the years.  He suggested leaving him inside as much as possible during the day"
    Try Desitin diaper rash ointment.  It's a great sunscreen (zinc oxide) and is good to protect tack rubs, scratches, etc. during a ride.  It keeps you from having to carry around so many tubes of stuff.  I use it for everything from sunscreen, to salve, to lip balm, to fanny-chafe soother and more.  By the way, if your vet is telling you to keep your horse inside, I'd be careful about other advise from him.  It's much healthier for a horse to be outside, even with the risk of skin cancer.  Inside, you have greater risk of respiratory problems, colic, etc. (tatooing??! Maybe he just bought the equipment and wants someone to pay for it!)