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    Re: [RC] sulphur dip - Charles

    Years ago, when I was young, I suffered from cracked skin on the bottoms of my feet (I seem to remember it being in the fall or winter).  I was told it was the result of a fungal infection.  My father brought home some copper sulfate (bluestone) from work and had me soak my feet in it for a while.  I've never had the cracked skin problem ever again.  Whatever it was that caused it has gone away for over 35 years and has never even hinted of returning. 
    I'm guessing a sulfur dip would have the same effect. 
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    Subject: [RC] sulphur dip

    Debby Lyon Wrote "We used a sufur dip"
    Isn't that used primarily to treat mange mites?  I didn't realize it was fungicidal.  Vets?  An expert opinion, please?  I'm curious about it.  Debby, what did the vet diagnose the problem as?  Did he do any skin scrapings to determine what it was?  I'm always looking for new ammunition for my treatment/prevention arsenal.  I worked in a vet clinic for several years, and we used lime-sulphur dips to treat either scabies or demodex, I can't remember which, but I hadn't heard of its use in treating fungus infections.

    [RC] sulphur dip, Debra Ager