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    [RC] How cold is cold ? How fast do horses adapt to no stalls? - Anna Larson

    My horses live out 24/7 with a shelter.  We live on top of the continental
    divide and the average DAY time winter temperature might only be 40-50
    degrees.  In the spring and even into the summer, the temps get down in to
    the 50's sometimes.  We have even had 6-8 inches of snow in MAY after the
    horses have shed out.  If the don't have enough hair it is probably not cold
    enough for them to really grow alot.  When I worked in southern Louisiana,
    any of the horses there did not grow as much winter hair as here. It was
    much warmer then then here.  I think your horses will do just fine
    Mules and Other Critters
    A REALLY cold night here is about
    10 C or about 45 to 50 F. I seriously doubt that horses will up and die
    of shock from not being in boxes at night with those temperatures. The
    most exotic of mine is the Appaloosa/WB cross and he gets pretty fuzzy.
    The Arabs are baladi, so they are used to all sorts of things, but they
    do tend not to get too fuzzy. I figure it's just not cold enough for
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