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    Re: [RC] What kindof tack should I use for a 100? - Rides 2 Far

    > Now I know how to get into shape.  But what kind of tack?  Now I know >
    what > ever saddle fits the horse.  I use a big horn and it fits the
    horse. > But how > can I make the saddle more comfertable for me?  Any
    Personally, I rate a saddle that puts you in the position to ride
    correctly as important as a saddle that fits. I saw a featherweight sore
    a horse's back who was wearing his own custom fitted saddle that his
    middleweight owner rode him in. The saddle was too big for her and she
    was pumping her legs and coming down hard in the saddle. Her equitation
    did not harm the horse in a smaller saddle.
    I did ONE fifty in my husband's Big Horn. It didn't work for me, but I'm
    very short, and the 15" seat was too far back for me. I wonder if a seat
    cover might have kept me farther forward.  One thing I had to do to
    improve though was change girth lengths to get the buckles of the girth
    out from under my leg and take the tongue off the buckle.  It didn't
    bother them on a training ride but did on a long competition.  Don't know
    how tall you are but we also got a guy to cut the fenders shorter so
    there was more room for the western leathers to turn without putting
    torque on the ankle.  If you slow down a lot later (and if you ride with
    a resonably short stirrup like me) you might consider letting the
    stirrups down a notch as the day wears on (if you're having problems)
    One thing I have to do differently in a 100 is wear tighter tights.  One
    of my pairs is a little loose and in a 100 and only a 100 they shift just
    enough to make these tiny little blisters all down the back of my thigh. 
    Slightly tighter tights don't have that problem.
    I ride with a snaffle usually in a 50. In a 100 I switch to a hackamore
    to make sure he can eat better on the trail.
    After dark on my first few 100's I jumped off and walked a lot.  Felt
    great just enjoying the night. Amazing how much it helped me from being
    sore the next day. I was no worse than after a 50.
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