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    [RC] re: top riders and saddles/pads - Teresa Van Hove

    I think a lot of the top riders choose horses with good enough back
    conformation that they dont need as much from their saddles - as
    opposed to a plugger like me, doing endurance on Grey Moun with his
    dippy ole back.  I have a reactor-panel.  It was worth the bucks for
    Grey, his back has actually improved at age 14 with this saddle.   I'm
    sure it will work well for my future horses too since it can be
    adjusted to each horse. 
    I can use an australian (washable sheepskin) endurance pad under the
    saddle, dont need to use the special pads that have pockets for the
    panels.  Quite a few high mileage riders seem to use the
    sportssaddles, I have never heard one thing bad about the SR's (cost
    as much as the R/P's though) OF's work for some horses, did not for
    Grey Moun -was a bit tricky though -did not pinch and irritate him
    immediately, just sat too high in front putting too much weight on his
    loins + was too long for his dippy back.  He got sore over time in
    it.  Wool fleece pads work for me (Grey has sensitive skin and I'm in
    Colorado and dont have high humidities to deal with)  I bought 2 of
    the australian endurance wool pads last year (they were a good price
    and shipping was included in the price -pretty rare these days) and
    I've really liked how they performed for me this year.  
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