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    [RC] Looking for Draft mix, PMU? - JUDYK89

    I believe there was a thread recently stating that there are a lot of Draft Mix PMU foals in Oregon looking for a home.  I can't find the thread of course, so if anyone remembers or wrote it, please post the email address for info.

    I have a man at my barn looking for a nice Draft Mix, wants an older, rideable horse, but is willing to look at the babies. 

    This is endurance related because this man was given the sweetest little Arab as a surprise gift, but the horse (14 hands) is way too small for him (250 lbs, 6 ft).  This little guy (the horse) is so sweet, very well mannered, very brave, 3 1/2 years, and I'm looking to sell/trade him for the man at my ranch so he can buy/trade for a bigger horse.  He has no interest in endurance, but I think this little Arab is a nice prospect.

    Please post privately as to not clutter the list,