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    [RC] Tatooing for Pink Snip - Tamara Alice Murray

    I have a gelding that has a very pink, very hairless snip. He has never spent any length of time inside aside from the occasional night here or there when I'm showing. It does get sunburnt if it is not protected. Sunscreen (the waterproof sport stuff atleast 30 SPF) works well. I also find that Zincofax (the zinc baby diaper rash cream) works well for treating sunburnt, peeling noses. It works well and its very thick.

    I have honestly never heard of tatooing a horses nose. IMHO I think it would rather painful to tatoo the whole snip. If you want it to be black why no invest in some inexpensive black football smudge?

    If your vet's main concern with the gelding is a wee bit of pigment at the end of his nose I would say a) the vet is grasping at straws to find SOMETHING negative to report and b) this horse sounds great otherwise!


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