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    [RC] Mini fluorescent light - AprJhn

    I am looking at getting a 6" mini fluorescent light for use while riding at night. Anybody use them? You can get them at Running Bear for about $15. They have velcro to attach them to the breast collar or saddle.
    My question is does it really stay on at a sustained trot using just velcro pads? Also, is this thing waterproof or resistant? What with sweat and maybe a rainstorm, one has to ask. :)
    In order to do training at home, I have to ride beside the road. Usually I can get down off the road, but I'm always right beside the road or on it. I have been trying to get up early and ride, but that is not working as well as I had hoped.
    Any opinions on the little fluorescent lights and the velcro or any other suggestions are helpful.
    Nashville, TN
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