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    Re: [RC] Tecopa Hot Springs - steve shaw

    Hay there.,  pretty easy trail, not too many rocks and not many climbs. Lunch out on the trail but at the China Ranch which has food and GREAT Date Shakes.....
    No, Terry Howe will not represent this ride, it is a first timer, we have a limited budget, want to start something new and HELL, I don't even live in this region. Just trying to keep rides going or building, we lose enough rides each year., etc.....
    Dinner will be a beef or chicken and everyone needs to bring a potluck veg, salad or dessert.  Things will work out....
    awards will be minimal, havent figured that out yet and will depend upon the number showing up. My first priority is paying the vets, then the permits and help.....
    There may be only one vet check and proplably one PR station, Maybe two vet checks.....Hold time of one hour at the China Ranch, Good date shakes.....
    Michele is the head vet, she will have a local treatment vet and maybe someone from LV  if there are enough riders....
    Camp is RIGHT off the hywy and really nice. Hot showers, hot pools, restrooms, good parking for big rigs...

    Email your address to docshaw@xxxxxxxxxxx for an entry or just show up at camp, easy to find in Tecopa 'Hot SPrings.
    Steve Shaw

    KimFue@xxxxxxx wrote:

    Can you send me some information on the type of trail (rocky, hilly, sandy, etc)
    Will lunch be back at camp?
    Will this be a Terry Wooley Howe type ride or a no frills?
    What are you planning on serving for awards dinner?
    What kind of completion awards are you giving?
    How many vet checks are you planning to have?  General idea about hold times?
    Who are your vets?
    What is base camp like?  porta potties? showers? parking for big rigs?

    Kim Fuess