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    [RC] [RC] Do you consider yourselves farmers/ranchers or pet owners? - oddfarm

    We are members of the Florida Farm Bureau, buy agriculture tags for our vehicles and trailers and subscribe to a few ag newspapers.
    We have property in Georgia that we have agreed to keep as woodland (some kind of program they have that also gives you a tax break) for at least ten years. We can build our own house on it but not develop it. You know, like here in our neighborhood where we have 6-8 houses on one acre.
    We live in the middle of the Tampa Bay area, Florida. On our little 3 acre Odd "Farm" we have our 6 horses, 5 dogs, 2 cats and whatever else comes our way. We have a big tractor that we use for our home and acreage in Georgia.
    I am not sure what we are. We support farming and cattle ranching and also land preservation. We abhor hunting, (that is what the grocery store is for!) but we don't protest openly to those who do. On the other hand, there are times when I wish I had a gun before I went into my son's room. I know there are things in there that are alive and need to be hunted down! Even the rat eating dogs won't go in there. Eeew!
     We work with land management divisions in our area which supports both equestrian trails, as well as hunting. You really can't tell people how to live, but you have to learn how to live with other people. It's not easy.
    We don't tolerate animal abuse of any kind but understand that farm operations and cattle management are a way of life. We would like to someday have our own ranch, just to enjoy. Of course, we would have to win the lottery first because we also know that farms are disintegrating daily, because of land taxes and laws that prevent the farmers and ranchers from making a living and supporting their families.
    We are not ones to "settle" for government rulings either. We have been active in our local politics concerning land and usage as well as state wide. I would like to think that is the norm, rather than the exception, in our horse world.
    If you have never heard Ellen Degenerous (sp?) and her spoof on hunting, you must! It is hysterical whether you hunt or not.
    Lisa Salas, The Odd FArm.....or are we just odd?