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    Re: [RC] hunting season - heidi

    > I live in Idaho. We were transplants from the Midwest about 30 years
    > ago. My  first introduction to hunting season in the West was when a 10
    > year old  neighbor girl was shot through the pelvis with a 30-0-6 on her
    > way to the  school bus. The "hunter" thought her white scarf was a
    > deer's tail. Then I  got a job at a Fish and Game check station. There
    > was so many trucks full of  liquor you would have thought they were all
    > going to a huge party in the  woods. From then on I have not ventured
    > out on my horse during hunting  season. Too scary for me.
    I don't know where you live in Idaho, but I did get to where I felt that
    way in some areas of central Oregon.  Here in central Idaho, I still find
    a large degree of responsibility among our hunters.
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    [RC] hunting season, Deblyons54