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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Lif Strand

    At 08:47 AM 11/17/02, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
    I'd submit that that is because they are doing a good job, and keeping
    numbers regulated to where overpopulation and subsequent stripping of
    vegetation does not occur.

    Has overpopulation and subsequent stripping of vegetation occurred anywhere that humans do not influence the environment? I could see perhaps this happening in a drought situation for instance - but then hunters should be out there hunting the most starved, the weakest. Does this happen? Hah! Sure hunters are regulating population numbers, but the day hunters stop bragging about heavy weight and multiple points is the day that I believe that they're actually doing some *good*. [Note: again, I am not talking about individual, responsible hunters, but the overall effect that current hunting methods have.]

    Besides, I believe the whole point of considering the influence of human hunters on the deer and other population was started because of the notion that they have more "rights" to public lands than other recreational users because they're doing a "necessary job". I believe that only if they were culling the worst of the prey population would they be doing that. Therefore it seems to me that there should be more and extremely severe repercussions for shooters who masquerade as hunters and cause damage, and that public lands should be made safe from hunting accidents so other recreational users can use those lands at *all* times without fear. I think it's a sign of a big problem in our society that riders, hikers and others to have to retreat from a war zone occurring on public lands a significant portion of the year.

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