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    Re: [RC] [Guest] stallions - Becky Huffman

    > Theo van Roosenfeld cappy390@xxxxxxxxx
    > > Does anybody have any suggestions for a nice endurance stallion to>
    breed to> > our mare?  Size is not as important as disposition.  I would
    like a> proven> > performance record.
    they have a third generation black stallion who is proving himself well on
    trail.  his dam has an excellent endurance record, and his granddam even did
    a few rides as a mature mare - even went barefoot before it was popular.
    they also have (at least one) stallion who has his IAHA Legion of Honor with
    endurance miles only.
    AAS HADEED, look for him in last years regional and national standings,
    completed his 1000 miles a couple of weeks ago.
    plus several others, with proven records, as well as closely-related
    Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
    "Good and Ill have not changed since yesteryear; nor are they one thing
    among Elves and Dwarves and another among Men. "
    -Aragorn, son of Arathorn>
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