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    Re: [RC] OT - RATS and Jack Russells - DESERTRYDR1

    I hope this isn't true.  I have two 9 week old kittens that I raised since 
    they were 9 days old, due to mom's unfortunate encounter with a car.  They 
    are the most playful, active, and HUNT-instincted kittens I have ever had.  
    >From the time they were about 4 weeks old they were stalking anything that 
    moved, and pouncing before they could entirely keep their balance.  We 
    occasionally have a mouse problem, so I am really hoping that the instinct 
    kicks in.  They never had any training, as their eyes weren't even open when 
    they lost mom.  They also do NOT do that kneading thing that's so annoying, 
    even though they did not get much sucking  because I syringe fed them.  jeri
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