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    Re: [RC] Steph's Article in Nov. EN - Truman Prevatt

    As Stepth pointed out there have been exhausted horses in most of the WEG's - but the FEI had dodged the bullet till the conditions turned bad in Spain and what would have been another "race" turned into a ride where rider knowledge, experience and savvy counted.

    Now it's time for the FEI reevaluate their endurance program and make the changes necessary. Steph hit it on the head as to what these changes need to be. We will see which direction the FEI goes, I sure hope they will make the necessary changes for the protection of the horse's welfare.  The problem has been there along, it's too damn bad it took two horses giving their life before anyone noticed. I sure hope they didn't die in vain.


    DVeritas@xxxxxxx wrote:
        Steph Teeter's VP Message in the November Endurance News is a very clear and insightful article worth the reading. 
        Way to go, Steph...I certainly agree with with your proposed "significant tightening of the qualification criteria at international championships."
        And putting "media appeal" behind the solving of "our more basic, and very serious, problems" is a dandy idea.
       Frank Solano & Eastwind Tatonka

    [RC] Steph's Article in Nov. EN, DVeritas